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Zoo Horticulture
Zoo Horticulture
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Consulting  &  Design
Articles and Press

Articles & Press

Cincinnati Zoo Director, Thane Maynard, and
     Rob Halpern discuss zoo horticulture
     Cincinnati Edition - WVXU-FM, October 26, 2008
"First tenants put down roots in new
     Academy of Sciences"
     San Francisco Chronicle, December 11, 2007
It's a Zoo in There! — Rob Halpern
     American Nurseryman, March 15, 2005
Martha Stewart on the Congo Gorilla Forest
     Rob Halpern gives a video tour
     (ad blocking software must be turned off)
     Martha Stewart Living, 2000
Recreating Nature Doesn't Come Naturally
      — Rob Halpern
     AZA Communique: "Visonary Thought Series"
     October 2000

Green Planet Rescue — Saving the Earth's Endangered Plants
     Rob Halpern, 1993